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Our team is privileged to serve the needs of our real estate and business community. In these

challenging times, our mutual objective is to find a compatible capital solution for each client,

and to support their path to recovery and opportunity.

Our Affiliate Executive Managers (AEM), who will soon be featured below, consist of experienced Real Estate and Business professionals, who consistently educate themselves in Beyond the Banks' Capital Solutions' platform. They also develop and manage their own team of Referral Affiliates (RA) to further enhance opportunities for all.



Real Estate background includes the following: 

  • Co-founded and managed a $2 billion commercial real estate portfolio, generating 1000+ private investments. 

  • Participated in over $1 billion of commercial and residential debt, as a principal, and as a borrower. 

  • Co-founded and sold the first exclusively Commercial Remax Brokerage.

  • Acquired, renovated and sold over 150 "fix and flip" properties. 

  • Maintained and expanded exceptional, affiliated relationships with top tier equity & debt real estate & business resources.



Marilyn is the Director and Designer of our Home Renovation "FIXER" projects. Marilyn has extensive experience in the field, as well as in the hospitality industry.

We are seeking homes in the San Diego area that offer a value-add opportunity with our stylish renovation and remodeling. We acquire properties all cash, in a joint venture investment with friends and family funds.   Price range is $500,000 to $1,500,000. Brokers and finders are welcome to offer "off-market" deals. 


For investors, we have a target annualized net yield of 15% +

Business Meeting


Affiliates of Beyond The Banks' Referral Program are offered a unique opportunity to independently earn income on client referrals, while learning 'insider' solutions to alternative lending in today's market. 

Affiliates are only required to offer contact information about a potential borrower and the subject property. Our team will take care of the client from there. We will make the introduction of the company, summarize and process the loan request, evaluate and underwrite the property, and eventually issue a Letter of Intent and Fund.  Referral fees are paid at the close of escrow. 

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