In this section we present our investment platform for acquiring, investing and re-selling "fixers" in the So. California market. Affiliates and real estate agents/brokers are invited to participate by identifying projects or referring investors in a joint venture format.


Executives of this firm have acquired over 150 homes with local investors. These homes produced high yield  returns after selective renovation or remodeling. Most of the homes were acquired shortly after the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles, CA, and then again after the Great Recession (2009-2011).  In these challenging times, Covid 19 has caused severe hardship to many, and a severe rise in foreclosures is expected. But, we will recover, and the savvy investor will be ready, willing, and able to selectively acquire prime assets to add value and to rent, until market values allow significant profits. Many who follow this path have earned 50%-100% on their cash on cash investment. 

Our extensive experience with remodeling and renovation can be demonstrated on our present project, utilizing excellent crews, as described below. We seek more opportunities to acquire homes through local brokers, affiliates, and interested investors.


The current economic conditions and early home price reductions have evolved into a renewed opportunity to acquire 'renovation' project properties again. As 2020 evolved, we again started up our engines in this field by acquiring a one acre property in the lovely Escondido, California market. The purchase price  was in the $900,000 price range and the expected resale value is $1,250,000 - when the market recovers. Renovation expenses are about $100,000. We will soon post before and after photos of this project. Here is the our flexible acquisition approach:

  • We act as a principal.

  • All renovation is performed in-house.

  • All types of homes; price range $500,000 to $1,500,000.

  • All cash offers. fast closing.

  • Property must underwrite to at least 18% cash on cash annualized yield.

  • Investors may participate in whole or partial ownership.

  • Market values will dictate a hold/rent or immediate sale approach.

  • Affilates can earn fees for finding property and/or investors.


This is an excerpt from an interesting article by free lance writer Aly Hale